A large number of fans are coming to FreeYond!


The strong wind comes from the light wind.

The FreeYond cyclone also started from the story of a message, a person and a mobile phone.

【1】The first consumer of FreeYond, in order to buy the smartphone FreeYond F9 , registered an e-commerce platform account for the first time.

Mercado Libre is the first stop of FreeYond's global e-commerce journey.

The first order of Mercado Libre platform is the consumers from Facebook. A Mexican consumer, seeing the product information sent by FreeYond's official account on Facebook, asked curiously.

From the first ordinary message, this consumer was completely attracted by FreeYond. The staff of FreeYond responded to the information in a timely manner, answered questions enthusiastically and explained the function and performance of the product, which made the consumer very interested in the F9 product.

It's like waiting for the birth of a new baby. It's hard to say how excited and nervous you are when you wait for FreeYond's first order. But when the customer wants to place an order, a new problem arises!

This consumer has never used e-commerce platform Mercado Libre before!

So the staff began to teach him hand in hand through instant messenger. From account registration, real name authentication, bank account binding, to the most complex bill installment (Mexican users are more concerned about down payment and installment), all the problems have been solved one by one.

After 20 hours of communication, the customer finally paid when the activity was half an hour away, and all the staff members were relieved.

First order reached!

During this period, all the guidance work was done in Whatsapp!

A few days later, the customer received the F9 and left a very high evaluation after using it.

During the use of F9 in the next few days, this consumer also had many problems in use. The staff followed up in a timely manner, explained the photography function and pocket mode in detail, and sent the tutorial at the first time

This consumer is engaged in the chemical preparation business and has his own shop. With his warm recommendation, many people around him bought F9.


【2】An elder brother from Central and Eastern European countries bought 11 FreeYond smartphones in a row

After FreeYond official flagship store was launched in AliExpress, the FreeYond smartphone with highly competitive performance, design and price,quickly attracted the attention of a large number of consumers in many countries and regions around the world .

Orders are pouring in, including various kinds of "tap water". At the beginning of November, we saw some strange orders through the backstage of AliExpress.

A consumer bought a FreeYond F9, bought another one two days later, and bought another one a few days later. If this is an impulsive purchase, it is even more puzzling that there is more than one such account!

After contacting and communicating with the buyer, we suddenly realized that this is the same buyer! The buyer saw the video released by the official account on YouTube and fell in love with FreeYond. He used 3 accounts in total, and bought 10 FreeYond phones in total. First, he bought 6 F9 phones, and then bought 4 M5 phones after the M5 phone came into the market. Because the same account has restrictions on the use of coupons, he has used multiple accounts and purchased many times. In the process of communication with us, he "grabbed" another M5.

This consumer named Andrew comes from a country in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to him, the local mobile phone market is dominated by well-known brands such as Apple, Honor, Xiaomi, Realme and Samsung, and the competition is also fierce. But he thinks FreeYond smart phones are unique to some extent. The F9 and M5 have fashionable designs, very good configurations and very good prices.

First, he bought himself an F9, and then he bought his mother one. Later, many of his relatives and friends wanted to buy one after another.

And out of his love for FreeYond, he is also very willing to give his friends and relatives a copy!

【3】Brazilian customers failed to become FreeYond agents, but became the first FreeYond M5 users in Brazil

On the other side of the earth, Para, Brazil

A dutiful consumer wanted to buy a mobile phone for his mother. After careful selection, he was very pleased to find FreeYond F9 and successfully placed an order.

During the delivery process, the mobile phone was not delivered to his mother due to customs reasons. Finally, after the FreeYond staff handled it properly, the customs finally released it.

In the process of solving the delivery problem, the customer found that the FreeYond staff were thinking about and solving the problem for the user, so he had an unusual trust in the FreeYond team and became a loyal fan of FreeYond. He logs in to Facebook, YouTube and TikTok every day to chat with the staff. He is often the first person to see some praise and comments behind the posts on his official Facebook account.

He even wanted to be the Brazilian agent of FreeYond smartphones.

This is crazy! It is not easy to sell mobile phones without experience. Considering the particularity of our product category, the staff persuaded him in good faith and finally gave up his enthusiasm for the FreeYond brand.

This did not prevent him from continuing to love the FreeYond brand

Two weeks ago, the battery of the mobile phone he used had a problem, and he mainly used the tablet as a mobile phone. He originally planned to buy mobile phones of other brands, but after a purchase experience of FreeYond F9, he decided to wait for the launch of FreeYond M5.

Last Friday, his personal M5 mobile phone was packed from Shenzhen and sent to Brazil, which will also be the first FreeYond M5 in Brazil!

In addition to a baseball cap, we also presented a FreeYond employee T-shirt to this loyal and loving fan. I hope he likes it!

FreeYond F9 is highly praised by customers all over the world

The process from the birth of a new brand to its popularity is not easy.

Every aspect of product design, quality control, customer service, channel laying and brand promotion is so important that every detail cannot be ignored. Without care and love, consumers cannot win recognition.

FreeYond's intention has long been written in the company's mission: to let global consumers enjoy intelligent technology.

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